C. L. I. F. S4 警徽天职 4 – Ep 18


The kidnapper wants Lantian and Zhijie to hand over the key, in exchange for their son. Lantian follows the kidnapper’s instructions. A man is arrested when he arrives at the designated location to pick up the key. However, the man is clueless as to what’s going on.

In the hope of rescuing Jianbo, Hongxi takes a fake key to Xuewei. He sees through her lies and tries to strangle her. She defends herself by stabbing him. While fleeing, she is knocked down by a vehicle and is killed.

Someone puts Jianbo outside a hospital so he can be treated for his fever. Looking through the CCTV recordings, Zhijie and Lantian think the person is Chen Yu.

Lantian and Zhijie are unable to accept that Hongxi is dead. He speculates that Xuewei is involved.
Lantian confronts Xuewei for causing the death of Hongxi. He denies the allegations and provokes Lantian, who almost punches him.

Chen Yu assures Lantian he is on his side. Lantian has his doubts.

The key actually belongs to a safe deposit box in a local bank. Lantian is disappointed there is nothing inside.

Jingze informs Lantian that the Taiwanese police have found a person who used to work at a pub, who is keeping a key for Zhongzheng. Lantian decides to head to Taiwan without telling Zhijie.
Xuanmei is saddened to learn she has epilepsy. On her wedding day, she locks herself in a room and refuses to get married.

Guixiang learns from Amy that Xuanmei wants to break up with him because she is worried she cannot conceive.

Xuanmei decides to return to Malaysia, and asks Amy to help her withdraw all her money. She suddenly remembers a set of passcodes Zhongzheng had given her and believes they apply to the safe deposit box. She fumbles to text Lantian and Amy volunteers to help. In fact, Amy sends the text to someone else.

Guixiang confirms that epilepsy patients are able to conceive. He quickly goes home to tell Xuanmei the good news. Little does he know that Amy and her boyfriend, A-song, have abducted Xuanmei at Xuewei’s instruction.


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