C. L. I. F. S4 警徽天职 4 – Ep 19


Amy tells Guixiang that Xuanmei has returned to her hometown. He looks frantically for her but to no avail. A text from Xuanmei says she wants to break up with him.

Yanqi develops a grudge against Shishi and starts avoiding her.

Jingze feels he and Yanqi are not making any progress and should return to Taiwan.
Zhijie reveals to Chen Yu that Xuewei could be the person who caused the death of his father. From his reaction, she realises he has long known this and could be plotting revenge against Xuewei. Chen Yu worries the police will find out what he did five years ago.

In a foul mood, Chen Yu quarrels with Shishi. He goes drinking and chances upon Yanqi. She sends him home and Shishi happens to come over to try to reconcile with him. He kisses Yanqi on purpose.

The next day, Chen Yu apologises to Yanqi. He breakd up with Shishi, lying that the person he loves is Yanqi.

Hongxi’s death is proven to be an accident. Lantian insists it was caused by Xuewei and argues with Zhijie. The rift between them widens.

Guixiang finds Amy behaving suspiciously and tails her. He discovers Xuanmei confined in a deserted house and tries to save her. In the midst of the chaos, Xuanmei is stabbed by A-song.
Xuewei flares up after the police smash his syndicate’s investment plan. He suspects a mole, who could well be Chen Yu. Chen Yu becomes tense.

Zhijie finds out that the young man who had met with Shijian in Thailand five years ago was Chen Yu. She speculates that Chen Yu could be the person who murdered Guorong.

Lantian and Zhijie have a huge fight. Overwhemed by emotion, Lantian starts running. He recalls his past with Zhongzheng and out of the blue, figures out the passcode.

The safe deposit box is opened. It contains the evidence of Xuewei’s criminal activities. Jingze sends the evidence to Singapore. On their way to the police station, a truck speeds towards Lantian and Jingze.


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