My Guardian Angels 单翼天使 Ep 22

Dong Yu looks for Mandy’s father, Ming Fa, to talk to him but sees a reporter passing him money donated by the readers instead. Dong Yu follows Ming Fa and sees that he immediately goes to the gambling den once he got the money. Dong Yu threatens Ming Fa with a video of him at the gambling den, Ming Fa then clarifies online that his daughter is not unfilial, Mandy feels grateful towards Dong Yu. 东宇去找Mandy的父亲明发,想和他谈谈,却见到记者正将读者捐的钱交给他。明发钱一到手,即刻到地下赌场开赌,被跟踪而来的东宇发现。东宇以明发在赌场大杀四方的视频,威胁他为Mandy平反。明发在网上澄清女儿不是不孝女,Mandy感激东宇。

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