My Guardian Angels 单翼天使 Ep 23

Si Jin’s mother, Bao Ling, returns from overseas and advises Jin Quan to stop objecting Kai Wei and Si Jin from being together, revealing his selfish motives for doing so. Jin Quan is worried that Si Jin, who has no blood relations with him would throw him aside. Si Jin is shocked to overhear Jin Quan’s conversation with Bao Ling. 思今的母亲宝玲刚从外国回来,劝锦泉不要反对凯威和思今在一起,并揭穿锦泉一再反对他们两人是因为存有私心,担心和他没有血缘关系的思今会丢下他不管,这番话正好被思今听见,感到很震惊。


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