My Guardian Angels 单翼天使 Ep 25

After a few setbacks, Xie Ying and Gui Qiang decides to have the child. Mandy worries that Xie Ying will not be able to adapt to becoming a mother as she is still young. Mandy cannot help but to confide in Dong Yu who comforts her and passes her flu medicine, asking her to take care of herself who is sick first before taking care of her family. Jia Qi feels unhappy seeing Dong Yu caring for Mandy. 经过一番波折,谢颖和贵强决定生下孩子。Mandy担心谢颖年纪轻轻就要当妈妈,会无法适应,忍不住向东宇倾诉。东宇安慰,还拿感冒药给生病的Mandy,要她先照顾好自己,才能照顾家人。佳琪见东宇关心Mandy,感到不悦。


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