The Fighter Who Wouldn’t Quit (Even When His Allies Did)

To be a champ, said the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson, “you have to believe in yourself when no one else will.”

After Muhamad Ridhwan’s winning streak was broken in late 2018 with a loss in an International Boxing Organization title fight, Singapore’s top boxer was deserted by people he’d thought would stand by him to the end.

For one, his manager Scott O’Farrell of Ringstar left, still owing him S$15,000 from a fight purse.

But as Rocky Balboa said – life isn’t about how hard a hit you can give, but how many you can take and still keep moving forward.

The 3-time bronze medallist in the SEA games – and first Singaporean boxer to become a professional world champion in 2017 – keeps getting back on his feet and refusing to be KO’ed.

He also runs Legends Fight Sports which, despite facing competition from mixed martial arts gyms, fitness centres and new fitness trends, stays true to its focus as a boxing gym.

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