The Truth Seekers 真探 Ep 9

Qing Xiong and Yu Yang finds a bug on their phone and decides to use it to lure Derrick out. They lured Derrick to Zhou Dong Hai’s home and then goes to Derrick’s house to install a computer, ready to expose his evil doings. However when the truth comes to light, Derrick starts to plot against Yu Yang.
庆雄和渝阳发现了手机里的窃听器,大伙于是将计就计,决定引出Derrick 。众人使出调虎离山计,把Derrick引到周东海家,再到他家安装电脑,为揭发他的恶行做准备。岂料真相大白后,Derrick竟然发难,企图伤害渝阳…


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