What Does Our Plate Tell Us About Our History? | Food In Our Time | Episode 2/3

Food is history on a plate. It tells the stories of who we are, and where we’ve been. Not just personal stories, but stories that define our cultural identity and stories that bind a community. In this episode, André meets storytellers who are preserving and continuing the narrative of humanity through the things we eat. From Japan to Peru to Ghana, our intrepid chef travels to 3 continents to spend time with 3 prolific chefs of vastly different backgrounds and cultures. All of them, however, share a deep passion for their craft. And they are all born less than a year apart. All in the name of finding out how chefs of his generation are sharing stories of their identity, through their menus.

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About ‘Food In Our Time’
Cooking is Andre Chiang’s life purpose, but he is hungry for more. He embarks on a culinary exploration, across 4 continents and 8 countries, to seek a deeper meaning of food and unearth the forces that shape how we eat.

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