My Guardian Angels 单翼天使 Ep 24

Xie Ying is pregnant and looks for Gui Qiang to discuss the matter, the two feel helpless. As the spokesperson for a cosmetics brand, Gui Qiang’s manager hopes that he can keep a low profile, leaving him troubled. Xie Ying intends to give birth to the child but Gui Qiang does not know how to explain. Xie Ying leaves after she feels that Gui Qiang does not want the child. 谢颖怀孕,找贵强商量,两人束手无策。贵强被某化妆品公司相中当代言人,经纪人希望他的恋情能保持低调,免得破坏少女们的幻想,贵强苦恼。谢颖打算生下孩子,贵强不知如何解释,谢颖感觉贵强不要孩子,拂袖而去。


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